Timber Frame Homes from Log Chips

Timber Frame Construction

The construction of a timber frame home is unlike any other home. It is in a league different than log home construction and a world away from a traditional stick-built home. A timber frame home is not simply fastened together with a hammer or held in place by a nail gun. The beams are not bolted together with large gusset plates, and the walls are not held together with lag bolts.

A timber frame home is precision crafted so that each piece fits together perfectly as part of an ornate puzzle. The primary beams are mortised to fit exactly and secondary beams are notched, drilled and held in place with wooden pegs to secure the structure together. Each piece depends on another to form the sturdy framework of your home.


Timber Frame Structure
Unlike a log home where the walls are laid one course on top of another, timber frame homes are built around individual timbers which provide the skeleton for the structure. These strong and sturdy beams can range in size and can be flat, milled timbers, or they can have a more rough-hewn appearance to them, depending on the taste of the homeowner.

Timber frame homes open up a wealth of construction and aesthetic possibilities to a homeowner. These walls can be built with a wide variety of insulation values and are built on-site using traditional framing or construction practices.

Timber Frame Appearance
One of the most notable qualities of a timber frame home is its appearance. A timber frame homeowner can choose a variety of materials to represent in the interior and exterior surfaces of the home. Some exterior examples include brick, cedar shake, stone, board and batten, and even vinyl or log siding, to name a few. Additionally, the interior walls can be tongue-and-groove wood, stone, drywall, or any mixture of materials. When it comes to getting the perfect look you want, the possibilities are endless.

In the end, a timber frame home is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, style, and personal taste. It is truly immeasurable beauty.