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Dream Home Budget: Cost-Conscious Ways to Design Your Dream Home

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Palatial log cabin homes adorned with high-end finishes (and a price-tag to match) are eye-catching, no doubt! Regal homes like this can invoke unrealistic emotions of desire if your dream home is being built on a budget. Cost-conscious consumers find ways to get their beautiful home and stay on budget. Usually they cut in one area so they can splurge on another. Here are some elements to consider.

Dream Home Budget

Log Profile: There are dozens of log sizes and profiles from which to choose, but our most popular log profile is the 6×8 D Engineered Log. To upgrade the 6×8 profile to an 8×8 profile, you can expect to pay approximately 6% more. Larger profiles are available; costs continue to increase with size. Sometimes log upgrades are forced by local codes. If this isn’t the case for you, and you’re flexible when it comes to size, stick with the 6×8 profile.

Roof System: A 2×12 rafter roof system is standard with every Timberhaven log package. This is a conservative yet impactful roof system. The Beam & Purlin roof system is the grand-daddy of roof systems, but on average it costs an additional $10,000 depending on the size of the home and overall design.

Decks and Porches: Using pressure treated material instead of composite decking could save you roughly $10 per square foot. If there’s not room in your budget for even pressure treated material, think about adding these porches and/or decks after the fact, once you’ve had an opportunity to set aside the necessary funds.

Basement: If you’ve built your log home on a full basement, consider finishing it down the road once you’ve had an opportunity to save additional funds.

Garage: The same scenario applies here! If your budget is tight, eliminate the garage. This can easily be added at a later date. Your rep can assure your home’s design is modified to be harmonious with the addition once you’re ready for it.

Dream Home Budget: Finishing Touches

Roof Material: 30-Year Architectural Shingles by Tamko are standard in every Timberhaven log package. This is a fantastic finish roofing material, but sometimes nothing will take the place of metal. If the finality of metal and sound of rain tapping on the roof are appealing to you, expect a good quality metal roof to cost 3-4 times the cost of architectural shingles.

Countertops: Granite countertops are some of the most elegant, richest countertops available. They’re one of the most expensive countertops, too. Other options include quartz, marble, laminate, stainless steel, concrete and more. Choosing the right material for your kitchen and bathrooms will have an effect on your home’s value and your bottom line.

Cabinetry: The right cabinetry can make or break your kitchen’s style and functionality. It can also break your budget. According to BHG, the “average” kitchen costs between $15,000 – $45,000. A credible online source or a local big box store can help with stock or semi-custom cabinetry. If you want full-blown custom cabinetry, you may have to cut in several other areas in order to splurge here.

Flooring: Today’s choices in flooring are more varied than ever – so are the associated costs. Most log home consumers install wood flooring, but other options include ceramic, stone, carpet, laminate, linoleum, etc. We found this buyers guide from HGTV that explains flooring options and their estimated costs (ranging from $2 – $100 per square foot).

Staircase: Depending on design, a beautiful finished stair system is standard with every Timberhaven package. However, if you envision a focal point like this half-log stair system, expect to pay an additional $4,000-$6,000.

Fireplace: Do you envision a full length fireplace as the focal point in your great room? You could have well over $10,000 wrapped up in this show piece. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Sweat Equity: Consider investing a little sweat equity into your dream home. Sanding and applying polyurethane isn’t rocket science. With a little instruction, anyone can do it. The dollars saved by investing a little time and energy here could be used to splurge in another area or applied directly to your bottom line. Consider building your own deck, too! Clear your schedule one weekend and ask a handful of buddies for assistance. Real friends love to help and work for nothing (as long as you feed them lunch and keep the cooler stocked).

Dream Home Budget: Wish List vs. Must-Have’s

In summary, it is possible for cost-conscious homebuyers to realize their log home dreams. First, determine your overall budget. Call your local financial representative to get qualified. Then use the aforementioned topics to generate a list. Segregate the wants from the needs along with any areas you’re willing to cut. Then contact your local Timberhaven rep to secure more formal plans and pricing.